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What is your status? Here is mine…

Hi guys, maybe the last blog post before you all fall into the arms of Father Christmas.

So, what is your status? Good? Bad? Funky? Feel like dancing? Need hugs? My status is good and I feel like dancing but I always needs hugs! Who doesn’t? I always say that you can’t get too much champagne or hugs in your life. …or espresso! Come on, do come to Helsingborg soon and lets have lunch or a coffee together. Anyone?

This year ends in a positive flow and I do hope it is the same for you. I really want that 2017 starts in the same way, both for you and for me.

Lately, as over one year back, I have helped Ericsson to design the worlds best GUIs for their latest software. Englesson Furniture & Beds is also a new client… and cross your fingers for two new assignments that might land on my desk soon!

When I proof read this blog post I realise that it is very diffuse what I want to say… I just need Champagne… a hug… and coffee!

Merry Christmas everyone!


I’m back!

Oh well… sorry guys! It been too long. Sorry… But now I’m back. The last year where filled with great people and a great amount of work! So much work that had to work nights, weekends, at my kids birthday parties, at concerts, at dinners, at sleep… But now I’m back! Oh, I all ready wrote that. I’m back!

I’m still doing UI and UX for Ericsson in Karlskrona and it is going very well! A fantastic team and product I work with. And a few weeks ago I got hold of my wine labels that I designed months ago for Sfriso Winery. Check that out at my WORK section. And the wine taste absolutely fantastic! Get your own wine at Sfriso Winery.

What els…? Oh! Yes. The graphic design for FLEXHUSET went very well. So lets hope the people at  Gotland Investment pull this off and open the doors in 2017. I also did the the graphic design for Gotland Investment and their web.

Ok, that was a lot of words about work I done, but I haven’t done that much other stuff since last time I wrote something on the blog. Yes! I had a long summer vacation… but I was so worth it!

Until next time, keep up the good spirit and smile to everyone!

Before you go, don’t forget to go here!


Merry new year and a happy new office

Long time since I wrote something to you 7 people who read my blog. I’ve been really busy working with a design assignment for Ericsson. I have almost not even been home since the beginning of October, but we are ok… Still have at least 2 months to go for Ericsson. But in between I am taking other assignments, so keep them coming! Right now I working on a cool secret concept together with SRC and some really nice projects with Olsheden & Co.

But this year I start with something new. I have moved my office to Drottninggatan 28 in Helsingborg, where I will sit with a couple of other freelancers.

Happy New Year!

Brand new assignment

Since 1st of October I have a brand new assignment. Basunera, the communication agency where I rent my office space, asked me if I was interested in a 3 month long assignment for Ericsson in Karlskrona. Basunera have done some great job for Ericsson in the past. So now I am allocated a couple of days a week in Karlskrona. What is the assignment for Ericsson? I am in charge for the visual design and the overall WOW-feeling for a demo at the WMC exhibit in Barcelona 2016. It is big and it is going to be a blast!



No or low budget?

I did some digging in my archive and did find this. This is a film I made in 2004 for the HTH Kitchen and I was told that ”Peter, there is no budget on this…” ”Oh, thanks!” I replied. With a little help from the Supersonic in Copenhagen I manage to put this together. I used Figge Norling, famous actor, to do the voice over and I remember I had a hilarious time recording it. The commercial was only to use locally in Stockholm during the autumn. Maybe it is only fun for myself but I share it to you anyway.

What’s up?

Since last time I have been busy with a secret project togheter with SRC (Scandinavian Retail Center), signage and navigation for the Riviera Strand Hotel in Båstad, lots of things for Stranda Mat & Bar, concept development for Falsterbo Strandbad for Vellinge municipality, packaging design for Rapsona and RUSTA and I had some days of with my friends and family. It’s been a lovely summer so far. I hope it will last a few months more. It is all truth but no one really cares. I had to write something for updating my blog (Google likes that) and so you can see I’m still got it…

Keep calm and carry on!

Oh! By the way… the guy on the picture is Pelle, our family rabbit!



Stranda Mat & Bar

Oh well… sometime there is plenty of time. Oceans of time. But sometimes not. For Stranda Mat & Bar at Falsterbo Stranded I had to do all the graphics, web and a small concept within a week. But I think it turned out pretty damn god!

Check it out by clicking here

Falsterbo Strandbad – new project

I have been privileged to work with a project for Vellinge Municipality. The project is about to market Falsterbo Strandbad. Currently it is going through a rebuild and then house the Nature Centre (naturum), tourist center, art gallery and a restaurant. The project includes graphic design, web, print, navigation etc. The project is all ready running, and I could soon show you the results. Come back soon for an update.

Packaging design for RUSTA

Somewhere in Italy some printing going on… printing the two wet wipe packaging that I designed for RUSTA. Get a glimpse of it here… Soon at a RUSTA store near you.

Read more about it here.

Music for a Monday

So, here I’m sitting a Sunday night working at the dining table. The rest of the family is on a birthday party… I’m waiting for another guy, to send me an e-mail, that also sitting in his kitchen working. What else to do while waiting rather then update the fantastic Spotify playlist Espresso Club by Communication Lab?

Go get ’em tiger…


Room for more…

Right now I’m working on different projects both in size and kind. It is folders and brochures for apartments in Båstad, hotels and restaurants in the very south of Skåne. Website for a winery in Italy and packaging design for baby wipes. BUT… there is still room for more projects, so why don’t you contact me for the next project. Let’s hook up for coffee!


Label design for Sfriso Winery

I’m actually a bit proud. Is that ok for me to say about this design I made? It is not only ”design” it is a lot more to it then that. Now the concept is going to be adapted to a new web site, gift boxes, promotional merchandise  and so on… That is a lot more to it then just designing a cool label. I call it work experience. Over 20 years of it…

In the near future I will show you some more if the whole design project.

Read more about Sfriso Winery by clicking here.

Nothing to say?

What do you write in your blog when you have nothing to say? I don’t know. I just want something to happen on my website and hope that it drives traffic to my site. Traffic that in the other end brings a lost soul of a businessman to click on my mail button or actually give me a call. A mail or a call that makes a difference. Difference in that way the company see new possibilities through new eyes – through my eyes. Dare to think different!


Come hang with me!

I don’t know if fancy Pinterest? I do a lot! It is a fantastic place for inspiration. It does not matter what you are into, you can find it there… So why don’t start follow me and my boards. It is mostly furniture, motorcycles, cool houses, graphic design, wine, interior design… Yeah, I can just go on and on… Have a nice weekend!


Genius branding


What not to love about this kind of branding and marketing? I think this is genius by Land Rover. Just think about it… almost 400 000 views in 5 days at YouTube. I do not know how many people that shared it at Facebook, Twitter and so on. Think again… How much do you think they spent on this? I think they spent a few dollars, but in return… I do not see anything negative for the brand Land rover in this film. I just think it is genius.

Packaging for rapeseed oil products

Right now I’m working on a packaging project for a company that produce rapeseed oil products for restaurants, food industry and institutional kitchens. It is about making the product labels much more consumer friendly and with a tasteful design.

Come back later to see the final design.