Brand new assignment

Since 1st of October I have a brand new assignment. Basunera, the communication agency where I rent my office space, asked me if I was interested in a 3 month long assignment for Ericsson in Karlskrona. Basunera have done some great job for Ericsson in the past. So now I am allocated a couple of days a week in Karlskrona. What is the assignment for Ericsson? I am in charge for the visual design and the overall WOW-feeling for a demo at the WMC exhibit in Barcelona 2016. It is big and it is going to be a blast!



Falsterbo Strandbad – new project

I have been privileged to work with a project for Vellinge Municipality. The project is about to market Falsterbo Strandbad. Currently it is going through a rebuild and then house the Nature Centre (naturum), tourist center, art gallery and a restaurant. The project includes graphic design, web, print, navigation etc. The project is all ready running, and I could soon show you the results. Come back soon for an update.

Packaging design for RUSTA

Somewhere in Italy some printing going on… printing the two wet wipe packaging that I designed for RUSTA. Get a glimpse of it here… Soon at a RUSTA store near you.

Read more about it here.

Label design for Sfriso Winery

I’m actually a bit proud. Is that ok for me to say about this design I made? It is not only ”design” it is a lot more to it then that. Now the concept is going to be adapted to a new web site, gift boxes, promotional merchandise  and so on… That is a lot more to it then just designing a cool label. I call it work experience. Over 20 years of it…

In the near future I will show you some more if the whole design project.

Read more about Sfriso Winery by clicking here.

Packaging for rapeseed oil products

Right now I’m working on a packaging project for a company that produce rapeseed oil products for restaurants, food industry and institutional kitchens. It is about making the product labels much more consumer friendly and with a tasteful design.

Come back later to see the final design.

Goda livet på landet!

A new collaboration with the Good Life in the countryside and Communication Lab has started. It started with a new logo and proposals to make it easier for tourists to understand and absorb the information in their folder. Eventually it becomes even web design and some other marketing tasks. One thing at a time …

Come back later to see more… but there is the new logo.

Designing wine labels for Sfriso Winery

Right now we are in the finalising stage in the design of seven new wine labels for Sfriso Winery in Chiarano, Treviso. When its done I will post it on the ”work” page.


Because sometimes wine is just necessary
Sfriso Winery