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Peter Berndtsson is an Art Director with long experience working with well known brands!

Peter Berndtson who started Communication Lab in 2012 is a Swedish Art Director with over 30 years of experience in both international- as national marketing and design.

The world around us is changing and so do the way we communicate. That’s why we need someone to hold hand while communication strategies need to be changed. Peter call himself as a strategic communication designer and have vast experience in web- and app design where it needs to be sharp design, pedagogic and a good experience (UI and UX). But as a strategic communication designer it isn’t only websites that passes Peters desk. Take a look at his WORK to see sharp design and some cool graphic design.

Peter have many years of experience in concept development, in-store- and retail concepts, merchandising, packaging design, promotions and furniture design. He has his base in Helsingborg but sees the whole world as his workplace.

Peter has over the years worked with international- and national brands such as Montana, Iittala, City Gross, Apoteket, Systembolaget, Zonnic, Triss, Brio, Craft, SF Bio, IKEA, DUX, DUXIANA, EKO:-, Rusta, Purmo, Vellinge Kommun and Ericsson. Lately he also added Axolot Solutions, RePasco, Bsweden, Backahill and CC Höganäs to his client list. Some of the clients is a cooperation with Olsheden & Co.

With all those years behind him, Peter has amassed a large network of designers, architects, photographers, stylists, web agencies and project leaders.

No job is too big or too small as long as we agree to create a profitable difference.

Call me, send me a mail or come by for a cup of coffee.


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UI Design

With every UI work I take on I always start with the end goal in mind, focusing on the end user. As my resumé tells, I have a vast work experience with UI. In addition, my previous clients can bear witness to my relentless strive for enhancing the ease of usability whilst reinforcing the key messages that my client wants to get through. I take a pride in expressing my graphical footprint in a clear, bold way; always with a purpose.

Web design

Update your current site to be more efficient and mobile-friendly, search optimized and Google adapted. Update content, adapt and streamlining your concept and what you need to say. It is not really rocket science, but many web designers out there seams to loose track somethimes. Communication Lab keeps you on track.

Branding & Marketing

Yes, everyone, I mean everyone, talks about the need for branding and marketing. Yes, it is necessary, but in the right way. But what is the right way? Today there are so many ways for marketing your brand through a wide range of media channels. Which media channel is right for your brand? How how do you become efficient in your branding, in both the short and long term? Come by for a cup of coffee so we’re talking more about it.

Graphic design

Do you have the right graphical tools to be successful with your brand? In today’s media noise and all media choices a brand can do, have the graphic identity to be well tailored. It is not stranger than that. With over 20 years experience working with this kind of issues,  you are in safe hands.


Why should it be so difficult to think from a customer’s perspective? Shops and product brands need to start thinking about. Communication Lab help retail brands with customer insight, customer behaviour and keep the brand up to date in the retail universe. To achieve success in a retail concept we can find out what the customer need, want and what they think they want. Communication Lab can be your daily support within retail strategy. Contact me so we can see if together we can achieve better sales.


The packaging of a product is probably the only communication that reaches the customer in a decision stage. If you have not done the job, the customer will choose the product that they know best. And in the bitter end is well known brand that is the winner. However, your product can convey what the customer likes and wants, it will ultimately be about packaging design. A packaging that is designed from a customer perspective.

Furniture & Interior design

In my way to create excellency for my clients, there is sometimes a problem to exceed that. There is something missing, and you need to take lead to achieve your goals. That sometimes ends up with a tailor-made solution as a piece of furniture or turning a gym into an auditorium as I did for Ericsson in Karlskrona. It could also be a tailor-made bar table for your kitchen… or shop fittings that suits your brand and retail needs.

Product development

When you get to a point in development, whether it is a digital or physical product, you need a person who can see the project with different eyes and new angles. Sometimes the internal development ends up within high invisible walls, then I have many times wondered, and just as many times asked the question, ”should one not be able to make this or this better?” I am the one who finds new issues and solutions on your product. Just what you need to get ahead.



2012 –
Art Director (founder)
Communication Lab

2005 –  2012
Art Director, Retail concept developer
Kollo (Forsman & Bodenfors), Helsingborg

1996 – 2005
Final Art, Art Director
Kunde & Co, Copenhagen (Stockholm and London)

1992 – 1996
Art Director
BRB, Uddevalla

1990 – 1992
Art Director
Marknadsidentitet AB, Uddevalla



This section is under, a so called, up-date state… Packaging design on request.

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