20 september, 2016 comlab

I’m back!

Oh well… sorry guys! It been too long. Sorry… But now I’m back. The last year where filled with great people and a great amount of work! So much work that had to work nights, weekends, at my kids birthday parties, at concerts, at dinners, at sleep… But now I’m back! Oh, I all ready wrote that. I’m back!

I’m still doing UI and UX for Ericsson in Karlskrona and it is going very well! A fantastic team and product I work with. And a few weeks ago I got hold of my wine labels that I designed months ago for Sfriso Winery. Check that out at my WORK section. And the wine taste absolutely fantastic! Get your own wine at Sfriso Winery.

What els…? Oh! Yes. The graphic design for FLEXHUSET went very well. So lets hope the people at  Gotland Investment pull this off and open the doors in 2017. I also did the the graphic design for Gotland Investment and their web.

Ok, that was a lot of words about work I done, but I haven’t done that much other stuff since last time I wrote something on the blog. Yes! I had a long summer vacation… but I was so worth it!

Until next time, keep up the good spirit and smile to everyone!

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