2 december, 2016 comlab

What is your status? Here is mine…

Hi guys, maybe the last blog post before you all fall into the arms of Father Christmas.

So, what is your status? Good? Bad? Funky? Feel like dancing? Need hugs? My status is good and I feel like dancing but I always needs hugs! Who doesn’t? I always say that you can’t get too much champagne or hugs in your life. …or espresso! Come on, do come to Helsingborg soon and lets have lunch or a coffee together. Anyone?

This year ends in a positive flow and I do hope it is the same for you. I really want that 2017 starts in the same way, both for you and for me.

Lately, as over one year back, I have helped Ericsson to design the worlds best GUIs for their latest software. Englesson Furniture & Beds is also a new client… and cross your fingers for two new assignments that might land on my desk soon!

When I proof read this blog post I realise that it is very diffuse what I want to say… I just need Champagne… a hug… and coffee!

Merry Christmas everyone!