Peter Berndtson who started Communication Lab in 2012 is a Swedish Art Director with over 30 years of experience in both international- as national marketing and design.

The world around us is changing and so do the way we communicate. That’s why we need someone to hold hand while communication strategies need to be changed. Peter call himself as a strategic communication designer and have vast experience in web- and app design where it needs to be sharp design, pedagogic and a good experience (UI and UX). But as a strategic communication designer it isn’t only websites that passes Peters desk. Take a look at his WORK to see sharp design and some cool graphic design.

Peter have many years of experience in concept development, in-store- and retail concepts, merchandising, packaging design, promotions and furniture design. He has his base in Helsingborg but sees the whole world as his workplace.

Peter has over the years worked with international- and national brands such as Montana, Iittala, City Gross, Apoteket, Systembolaget, Zonnic, Triss, Brio, Craft, SF Bio, IKEA, DUX, DUXIANA, EKO:-, Rusta, Purmo, Vellinge Kommun and Ericsson. Lately he also added Axolot Solutions, RePasco, Bsweden, Backahill and CC Höganäs to his client list. Some of the clients is a cooperation with Olsheden & Co.

With all those years behind him, Peter has amassed a large network of designers, architects, photographers, stylists, web agencies and project leaders.

No job is too big or too small as long as we agree to create a profitable difference.

Call me, send me a mail or come by for a cup of coffee.