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Nothing to say?

What do you write in your blog when you have nothing to say? I don’t know. I just want something to happen on my website and hope that it drives traffic to my site. Traffic that in the other end brings a lost soul of a businessman to click on my mail button or actually give me a call. A mail or a call that makes a difference. Difference in that way the company see new possibilities through new eyes – through my eyes. Dare to think different!


Come hang with me!

I don’t know if fancy Pinterest? I do a lot! It is a fantastic place for inspiration. It does not matter what you are into, you can find it there… So why don’t start follow me and my boards. It is mostly furniture, motorcycles, cool houses, graphic design, wine, interior design… Yeah, I can just go on and on… Have a nice weekend!


Genius branding


What not to love about this kind of branding and marketing? I think this is genius by Land Rover. Just think about it… almost 400 000 views in 5 days at YouTube. I do not know how many people that shared it at Facebook, Twitter and so on. Think again… How much do you think they spent on this? I think they spent a few dollars, but in return… I do not see anything negative for the brand Land rover in this film. I just think it is genius.

Packaging for rapeseed oil products

Right now I’m working on a packaging project for a company that produce rapeseed oil products for restaurants, food industry and institutional kitchens. It is about making the product labels much more consumer friendly and with a tasteful design.

Come back later to see the final design.

Get some cool music to your soul

Here is my playlist I call Espresso Club. Why I call it that is a long story… But I update it as soon as I come across cool music. The playlist contains all kind of music genres like soul, funk, electronic, house and why not smooth jazz… So just hang on to it and I try to fill it with cool music for your soul.


Goda livet på landet!

A new collaboration with the Good Life in the countryside and Communication Lab has started. It started with a new logo and proposals to make it easier for tourists to understand and absorb the information in their folder. Eventually it becomes even web design and some other marketing tasks. One thing at a time …

Come back later to see more… but there is the new logo.